Trans: a pop sex project


Trans No.1

Trans No.1 and 2


  • TITLE: Trans No.1 and 2
  • MEDIUM: Digital Photography
  • COMPLETION: 2011

The “Trans” series is base on historical imagery recovered from and related to the Institute for Sexual Science founded in Berlin in 1919 by physician Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. The institute was pillaged and destroyed by the Nazis in 1933. In both my contemporary portraits and Hirschfeld’s historical photographs, the viewer is challenged to rethink assumptions about gender dimorphism. Yet while the contemporary imagery highlights, intimacy, sexual display, performance, and self-exploration, Hirschfeld historical imagery was attempting to create scientific distance and provide evidence for his theory of distinct sexual types.  I believe that the conversation produced out of the contrast between these two views presented as diptychs can provoke fruitful discussion and insights into both the historical and the present-day understanding of sexuality and its public display.