What I will always be


What I will always be: The Fox

What I will always be: The Fox

  • TITLE: What I will always be: The Fox
  • MEDIUM: Digital Photography and Printing
  • SIZE: Digital Print 40″ x 60″ mounted on aluminum
  • COMPLETION: 2008


This personally introspective work is base on my reading of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry as a spiritual and philosophical marker of Western culture. Conceptualized as a series of three Photographic diptychs, juxtaposing the representation of a male posing in relation to a figurine of the little prince, the statuettes become a representation of a symbolically invested object. The work addresses the interwoven complexities of identity, masculinity, desire and play.

Open Field

  • TITLE: Open Field
  • MEDIUM: Installation
  • COMPLETION: 2009
  • Jean-René Leblanc, Craig Fahner and Neal Moignard


This installation is part of a research investigation into the interactive potential of electromagnetic fields. Theremins – musical instruments played by placing one’s body within the electric field surrounding an antenna are used here to create a week long indeterminate sound recording. Three theremins are placed in an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circular drum. The tones emitted by the theremins are determined by the presence of visitors in the space, changes in electromagnetic activity, and other environmental factors such as temperature. Without human interaction the tones of each instrument drift slowly, sympathetically. The three theremins, initially tuned to the same note, will configure themselves into various consonances and dissonances throughout the run of the exhibition.

What I will always be: The prince, the sheep, the fox

  • TITLE: What I will always be: The prince, the sheep, the fox.
  • MEDIUM: Photography and Interactive Installation
  • COMPLETION: 2010
  • SIZE: Installation Rear Projection 4′ x 5′


The interactive installation is set-up as a split-screen rear projection of 4’ x 5’ occupying 12’ of the galley space. On the right hand side of the screen is a representation of a figurine in 360? slowly turning on its axes, on the left side is a representation of a male in a specific pose. Through the use of Theremins as tracking sensors, the spectator can interact with both images. On the right side one, the viewer can spin the image, the faster the image is spinning it will enable the image on the left to turn. On the left side, a Theremin is used as a proximity sensor to enable the spectator to Zoom the image in and out and Pan left and right.


This piece combines Digital photography, installation and interactivity as a means of looking beyond the print and screen culture towards a more kinesthetic, tangible experience, creating new connections between spectator, image and technology. The space of the image becomes related to the spectator’s body through the interactive process of spinning, zooming and panning the projected images through bodily gestures.